“Our vision is to build the next generation of digital talent for improved organisational performance and individual excellence.”

At the Mindworx Academy we address the lack of critical skills and high unemployment in South Africa by providing recent graduates with scarce skills training.

As a MICT (Media Information Communication and Technology) SETA accredited training provider, we turn inexperienced graduates into confident and appropriately skilled professionals capable of fulfilling entry level roles. This is achieved through intensive training and work experience that sets them on a path to long-term employment.

In addition to graduate training, we also provide ongoing development for the rest of your team in new critical skills for the 21st century workplace.

Are you an employer looking for entry-level talent?

Here are a few benefits of partnering with us:

  • Skilled entry-level work-ready graduates
  • High analytical and process-oriented employees
  • Tax rebates
  • B-BBEE benefits – Skills Development, Preferential Procurement, Enterprise Development

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Are you a new graduate looking for an exciting opportunity in the digital workspace?

Here are some good reasons to register with us:

  • National Certificate Qualification (course dependent)
  • Classroom & on-the-job training
  • Mentoring and coaching sessions (12 months)
  • Real skills to succeed in your first job

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Need a reason to use Mindworx Academy? Here are 10.

We equip graduates with soft skills as well business and technical skills to prepare them for the working world. Click here to view our different courses.

Here’s what our clients have to say:

“We have seen great improvement in Tsolofelo’s performance and her confidence levels to such an extent that she has become invaluable to our initiatives. This is in line with our hopes at the time of prior renewal. She is a key member in our Internet Banking space.

Paul and Maropeng have certainly hit the ground running and are being exposed to variances components in our business area. They illustrate a can do attitude and we are satisfied with their willingness to take on just about anything and to ‘own’ it. We have made them owners of our Organic schedules being managed through MSP. The have upskilled themselves through interactions with the PM community.”

-Andreas Van Loggerenberg, Nedbank

“Mthokozisi has met all expectations and exceeded them many times with proactive research. He is good at analysis and a fast learner. His particular strengths are his analytical skills when he’s trying to find the root cause of a problem, his reconciliation abilities, and use of the Excel recon tools. His attitude is always positive and forthcoming.

Ntlakanipho (Booi) is a hard worker who meets expectations, delivering quality work on time. He puts his good analytical skills to work in deriving requirements, and he’s enthusiastic and eager to learn.”

-Vijaya Lankapalli, Nedbank

“Monde is great fun and he brings an infectious energy and attitude to the office. He brings a can-do approach to addressing problems. He is able to work independently and make logical trade-offs. He presents well-formed solutions and good push-back, and he has good report writing skills.”

-Ali Monadjem, Spencer Stuart

“Lerato is a good problem-solver – she always flags problems herself and tries to resolve them before raising them with the EA and Consultant. She has a positive attitude. She works quickly once she’s understood the new task and usually delivers ahead of the timetable, indicating that she plans well. She has a sense of humour and fits easily into the team. She’s keen to learn and in most cases she gets it right first time. She’s ambitious and keen to get ahead in life, whether it’s here or elsewhere. She came to me with a thought which may be far-fetched at this stage but shows she’s at least thinking about her development and how we fit into that.”

-Mpho Seboni, Spencer Stuart

“I think Monde is great. He has a super positive and engaging attitude and energy. He is always helpful and has proved valuable in assisting the LAS team when the going gets tough with stuff like printing, binding and settling us rooms when we need an extra pair of hands.

Lerato is great – smart, serious and helpful once you reach out to her. She recently did a piece of research for me on the psychology of overpromising and I found her very dedicated. She delivered on time and on expectation.”

-Elise De Deer, Spencer Stuart

“Please may I congratulate you on the staff that you have provided to our RPA Centre of Excellence. I have found Miyelani, Sibu and Nokwasi to be utterly competent and a pleasure to work with. You are clearly doing something right at Mindworx, where possible I will indeed work with your candidates again.”

-Corné Janse van Rensburg, Wesbank

1. Sourcing from non-traditional talent pools
Our partner, Harambee, accesses talent pools through innovative non-traditional methods.
2. Qualitative assessment
at scale
In order to select only the highest potential candidates, comprehensive assessment batteries are conducted at scale.
3. Bridging with a
A differentiated programme prepares candidates emotionally and intellectually through work-based challenges.
4. Supporting successful transactions
Academy graduates receive ongoing coaching/mentoring support as part of their internship programmes.
5. Lowering risk of employing graduates
Graduates are placed on learnership contracts and clients can employ whenever they choose.
6. Digital
New technologies create new jobs. Our Academy prepares young people for digital jobs – an ideal path into the world of work – regardless of their previous education.
Mindworx Academy is a socially conscious level 1 B-BBEE employer being 100% black-owned, 85% black woman-owned and an empowering supplier.

Our clients are able to claim 135% of their procurement spend with Mindworx.