What does the fourth industrial revolution mean for HR?

By |November 12th, 2019|blog|

By Martin Pienaar, COO Mindworx Consulting The fourth industrial revolution (4IR) is changing the type of work that we do; [...]

Mindworx comment: National Treasury’s discussion document on economic transformation, inclusive growth and competitiveness

By |September 12th, 2019|blog|

By Jonah Naidoo, CEO Mindworx Consulting Just as intended, there’s been much discussion about Finance Minister Mboweni’s document on Economic [...]

Just-in-time training can get youth working

By |July 1st, 2019|blog|

By Martin Pienaar, COO Mindworx Consulting Following a month focussed on our youth, we are still left pondering the perilous [...]


By |May 31st, 2019|blog|

By Jonah Naidoo, CEO of Mindworx Now that President Ramaphosa has appointed his cabinet, it’s time to focus on the [...]

THE ROBOTS ARE COMING – RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! But away from them or towards them?

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By Martin Pienaar, COO of Mindworx Consulting A lot of people are afraid of robotics because they think it means [...]

Millennials taking over the C-Suite: myth or fact?

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By Thembi Nkosi, Executive Director at Mindworx Consulting Are millennials taking over the C-Suite? Well, yes, but to be more accurate [...]

Say YES to greater BEE benefits

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By Motlhago Ramoba, Empowerment Advisor at Mindworx Consulting When Cyril Ramaphosa addressed the country for the first time as president [...]

Reconciling your business plans with your people plans – it’s never been easier

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By David Reuben, Business Development Manager at Mindworx Consulting Have you heard of the fourth industrial revolution? It’s the phrase [...]

Worried about a robot taking your job? Don’t be. But you do need to hone your skills and leverage machines to make you smarter.

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By Martin Pienaar, Mindworx COO Alarmists are speculating that 50% of jobs today will be gone in a decade due [...]

When is training not just training?

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Here’s a statement to conjure with: technology is no longer vertical, it’s all-pervasive. There are probably businesses in the world [...]