Feasibility studies and business case development

As part of our strategic planning and facilitation expertise, we assist our clients in developing their strategic roadmaps for implementation.

Each prioritised area is then analysed from a financial, human performance, business process and technological perspective to develop a business case for implementation.

Case study: Our client, a national government department, created a fleet management services trading entity to provide fleet management services to all provincial departments and provincial legislature. The entity experienced numerous problems and was exposed to risks.

Mindworx was appointed to conduct a strategic review and drafted a 5-year change management roadmap that, if followed, would move the organisation rapidly up the life-cycle curve to maturity.

A key feature of the revised service delivery model was to treat each customer differently from other customers, by accommodating and addressing the unique needs of each one.

The new organisational structure was designed along value-chain principles, using the focus on clients (including the use of account managers) and focus on vehicles as the two main lines of business.

Our own team, appropriately staffed for your needs and managed by our senior managers, can be deployed to run projects end-to-end. This means faster turnaround for you with deliverables based on service level agreements and no staffing or HR issues on a daily basis.