1209, 2019

Mindworx comment: National Treasury’s discussion document on economic transformation, inclusive growth and competitiveness

September 12th, 2019|Categories: blog|

By Jonah Naidoo, CEO Mindworx Consulting Just as intended, there’s been much discussion about Finance Minister Mboweni’s document on Economic Transformation, Inclusive Growth and Competitiveness. Excellent! Now, let’s get to work. South Africa was ranked 67th on the Global Competitiveness scale in 2018, having fallen 23 places since 2007. When we think about transforming our economy, we’d do well to look East for inspiration, not West. Within the next ten years, China and India are set to rank as the world’s largest economies, in that order. Not so long ago, unseating the USA was unthinkable. How are they doing it? India is a lesson in inclusive growth. The Indian government mandates that 30% of businesses must be locally owned and 30% of the content of manufactured products must derive from local sources. As for China, competitiveness is the cornerstone of [...]

107, 2019

Just-in-time training can get youth working

July 1st, 2019|Categories: blog|Tags: , , |

By Martin Pienaar, COO Mindworx Consulting Following a month focussed on our youth, we are still left pondering the perilous state of their future and that of our country. The government’s recent commitment to create an additional 2 million jobs over the next decade is simply not enough to resolve the youth unemployment crisis. Our numbers are worse than poor; 55% for those aged 15-24 are jobless. Our graduate unemployment rate of 31% is the worst in the world. We can forgive the youth for being frustrated and angry. We all know that our flat year-on-year GDP ‘growth’ for the first quarter of 2019 does not allow the economy to absorb the talented youth coming out of the education system, continuing to worsen the employment crisis. Also contributing to the problem is the fact that many workers are retiring later than [...]

3105, 2019


May 31st, 2019|Categories: blog|Tags: , , , , |

By Jonah Naidoo, CEO of Mindworx Now that President Ramaphosa has appointed his cabinet, it’s time to focus on the appointments that will make or break the South African economy: the leadership of our state owned enterprises (SOEs). Over the past year, while our president has done the important work of cleaning up the rot that set in during the years of state capture, our SOEs have stagnated. This is evident not just in pitiful service delivery but also in the lowest public sector spending in recent memory. In some cases entire management teams have been fired or suspended, and many enterprises are simply not functioning because they no longer have decision-makers on board. Rebuilding them will take nothing less than South Africa’s most skilled, experienced and canny business minds if we are to undo the damage that has cost [...]

804, 2019

THE ROBOTS ARE COMING – RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! But away from them or towards them?

April 8th, 2019|Categories: blog, Uncategorized|Tags: , , , , |

By Martin Pienaar, COO of Mindworx Consulting A lot of people are afraid of robotics because they think it means robots are going to take over their jobs. That’s the wrong way to look at it. In fact robotics will create jobs and in South Africa this can only ever be good news. Our high rate of youth unemployment – even among university graduates – is one of the biggest problems in this country. Six million people are unemployed in South Africa, 63% of them under the age of 35. If we’re smart we’ll grab the opportunity robotics presents to improve their lives and, in the process, improve our country. While older generations grapple with the fast-changing world of robotic process automation (RPA), young people who were born into our digital world are inherently technically capable. They adapt fast, learn [...]

1909, 2018

Millennials taking over the C-Suite: myth or fact?

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By Thembi Nkosi, Executive Director at Mindworx Consulting Are millennials taking over the C-Suite? Well, yes, but to be more accurate they’re not so much taking it over as re-inventing it. Which of these names is familiar to you? David Karp Ben Silbermann and Evan Sharp Peter Cashmore Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom Brian Chesky John Zimmer Daniel Ek Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy Matthew Mullenweg Sean Rad How about these names: Tumblr Pinterest Mashable Instagram Airbnb Lyft Spotify Snapchat WordPress Tinder Yep, David Karp created Tumblr, and so on. These are some of the most influential companies in the world right now and you’ve almost certainly used many of their products, or someone close to you has. Each of their creators is a millennial, born between about 1980 and 2000. They may not be shoving existing CEOs out of their [...]

407, 2018

Say YES to greater BEE benefits

July 4th, 2018|Categories: blog, Uncategorized|

By Motlhago Ramoba, Empowerment Advisor at Mindworx Consulting When Cyril Ramaphosa addressed the country for the first time as president he used the words ‘Thuma Mina’ made famous by Hugh Masakela’s song of the same name. ‘Send me’, he said. When President Ramaphosa launched the Youth Employment Service (YES) network earlier this year, the words of the song resonated for us. YES aims to address socio-economic challenges faced by South Africa’s youth, particularly the dark cloud of unemployment. And it is a dark cloud even for candidates with tertiary qualifications, not least because they can’t afford the costs involved. Looking for a job is expensive, from accessing the internet, travelling to and from interviews, making follow-up calls and dressing well. Thuma Mina describes the fact that YES is intentional, a partnership between government, business, labour and civil society that is setting [...]