1905, 2020

Job-hunting in the brave new world

May 19th, 2020|Categories: blog, Uncategorized|

By Lorna Mangel, Business Development Manager at Mindworx Consulting At Mindworx, recruitment continues apace and we’ve filled several technical, scarce, specialist and executive level positions with ease over the past month. It’s a case of adapting to the new way of doing things which is, of course, mostly via video conference. Employers are becoming adept at conducting even large panel interviews via tools such as Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Teams. Employees need to ensure that they are equally capable and comfortable using these tools. But of course, for both parties, there is more at stake now. In times past, when a company was recruiting for a C-suite position their personal meetings with the candidate were as important as their professional meetings. They would routinely play a round of golf and/or set up dinner which included the candidate’s spouse. It was [...]

1905, 2020

Hiring in the brave new world

May 19th, 2020|Categories: blog|

By Lorna Mangel, Business Development Manager at Mindworx Consulting The coronavirus will dominate our lives for the foreseeable future. But we now have sight of slightly less rigorous restrictions and business is going to have to slowly resuming as people find new ways to do what needs to be done. The sooner we adapt to doing things differently, the sooner our economy will recover. At Mindworx one of our most successful adaptations has been conducting interviews via video conference. We’ve managed to fill several technical, scarce, specialist and executive level positions with ease over the past month. In the process, our clients have seen that there’s no reason to put hiring on ice, even at the highest level. In fact, in many respects video interviews are more efficient and the process is usually faster. We find that it’s much easier [...]

1405, 2020

Lockdown: Deciding between physical safety and mental health

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By Martin Pienaar, COO Mindworx Consulting Today my adult daughter popped in. We had not seen each other for seven weeks. As she caught sight of me, she burst into tears. I knew exactly how she felt. She’s in a happy relationship in a shared home and has been handling lockdown well… until she saw someone she’d been missing. Lockdown has taken more of a toll on us than we realise and we underestimate this at our peril. Humans are social creatures and when we suddenly don’t have access to other people, our mental health suffers. In a recent buffer.com survey, 20% of people reported that their biggest struggle with remote working was loneliness. So seriously does the Danish government take the mental health problems caused by isolation that they have asked citizens to return to work. In South Africa, [...]

2804, 2020

WANT POST PANDEMIC OPPORTUNITIES? It’s time to channel your inner shweshwe lady

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By Martin Pienaar, COO, Mindworx Consulting Before Covid-19, if you wanted a shweshwe picnic blanket you went to the lady selling them at the entrance to Delta Park in Randburg. Very shortly after Covid-19 landed, she put her picnic blankets aside and started selling washable shweshwe face masks instead. All respect to her: she has just the kind of business brain South Africa needs now. Sometimes lockdown feels interminable but we know that it will end. I’m more concerned about the end of economic lockdown. To get there, we all need to channel our inner shweshwe lady. We’re facing not just the economic and social effects of Covid-19, but also the fact that our government has had to bail out several struggling SOEs and our Moody’s credit rating has been downgraded. The outlook seems bleak but I believe that we can [...]

2503, 2020

Business unusual during lock down

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Following the announcement by the government regarding a national lockdown to deal with Coronavirus, of which we are fully supportive, Mindworx Consulting is now officially a virtual business. But while we’re working to flatten the Covid-19 curve, we’re also still working as usual, just in a different location. At this time, you may need special projects deployed, or specialist advice on something out of your normal business spec. Our consultants are still available to assist you wherever needed.  And rest assured, our Academy continues to get young graduates ready for work, with skills specifically aimed at giving them access to 4IR jobs, which we now anticipate to spike even faster than previously estimated. In addition to the classroom training we offer, we have implemented a blended learning process and will be training learners throughout the shutdown.  If there’s one thing [...]

1803, 2020

Lifelong learning is essential for future job success

March 18th, 2020|Categories: blog|Tags: , , , , , |

By Martin Pienaar, COO Mindworx Consulting Do you know how much of their income Millennials are advised to save if they want to retire at 65? It used to be 15% but has leapt up dramatically to 40%. Given that savings have never exceeded 13% of income since 1960, I’m betting very few people will reach the 40% savings ideal. Even today’s older generations who’ve been saving for retirement all their lives are having to downgrade their living standards. The problem is that we’re living longer, healthier lives. But is that a problem? On the contrary, being healthier means that we can keep being productive way past 65, generating the income we need to see us into the longer lifespans we now take for granted. All it takes is an ongoing investment in new skills to fit into the new workplace. [...]